We have sponsored the high schools within the scope of Industry 4.0!

Kalsedon team from Eskişehir Gelişim Science High School, Gültepe Robotics team from Gültepe Vocational and Technical High School, and Yaşar Acar Science High School, which we have sponsored all, have attended to the FRC (First Robotics Competition) being held every year in the USA. Within the scope of the competition, our teams have built robots that accomplish tasks such as throwing ball to the targets, climbing, standing in balance on seesaw etc. according to a theme.

Who has received an award?
Although they attended to the competition for the first time, Kalsedon team from Eskişehir Gelişim Science High School has received Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie All Star awards. Thanks to these awards, team members have entitled to attend to the world championship that was held in Houston, USA on April 19-22.

Gültepe Vocational and Technical High School has been another successful team. On the robot competition held at New York, the team has received awards in the Best Team Spirit and Highest Scoring Rookie categories.

Participating to the competition with a team of 15 students, Yaşar Acar Science High School stated that they have had a good experience with the competition and that they are considering to participate to the competition next year too. Sibel Namlı from the team has been elected as the Star of the Day.

We trust in the success of the young people. And we will continue shaping the future by supporting the technology and innovation oriented projects.